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Measuring the World - First poster, full-length trailer and some photos
Florian David Fitz
annablume80 wrote in kino_germanfilm
Here's a first poster for Detlev Buck's adaptation of Daniel Kehlmann's brilliant novel
"Die Vermessung der Welt"/"Measuring the World":

For a larger version of the poster, full-length and teaser trailers as well as some photos (including a first look at David Kross in the film) click

In 2005, Daniel Kehlmann's novel Measuring the World had just entered the best-seller list when producer Claus Boje of Boje Buck Produktion secured the film rights to Kehlmann's re-imagining of the lives of the German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss and German geographer Alexander von Humboldt and their many groundbreaking ways of measuring the world, evolving from their meeting in 1828 on the occasion of the first German Scientific Congress in Berlin organized by Humboldt. (source)

The film stars Florian David Fitz as Gauß, Albrecht Schuch as Humboldt, as well as (among others) Vicky Krieps, David Kross (this is his 4th film with Detlev Buck), Karl Markovics, Katharina Thalbach and Max Giermann.

Teaser trailer (Warning: contains some nudity):

Full-length trailer (Warning: contains some nudity):

A few pictures:

Florian David Fitz as Carl Friedrich Gauß, Vicky Krieps as Johanna Gauß

Albrecht Schuch as Alexander von Humboldt

Jérémy Kapone as Aimé Bonpland

David Kross and Detlev Buck


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Just found this community. I'm really looking forward to this movie. I really hope to find a cinema where they show it in 2D as I'm not really a fan of 3D.

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