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German Film Festival in San Francisco!
Ich arbeite!
superigel wrote in kino_germanfilm
The Berlin and Beyond Film Festival is taking place in San Francisco later this month! (September 27th to October 4th.)

An annual German film festival since 1996, and it's a good chance for Americans to see German, Swiss, and Austrian films that don't make it to the mainstream. It showcases some of the newest German language films as well as a few classic films, and I've seen many good, and a few great, films at this festival in the past. A must check out if you're in the area!

Check out some of the featured films:

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Man, this sounds excellent. I wish I didn't live on the total opposite side of the country, haha.

Do you know if the other Goethe Institut locations host such German film festivals?

I know the Los Angeles Goethe Institut hosts a similar festival, but I don't know if it's as big. The SF one lasts a week! Not sure about other GIs around the country.

Are you going again this year? Which films are you planning in seeing?

Due to time constraints I won't be able to see as many films as I'd like to. For example, I can't see Kriegerin on Wednesday, which I really want to, but I can't get away.

I was planning on seeing The Wall and 4 Days in May on Sunday, and then I was going to see Wunderkinder and This Ain't California on the last night.

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How was it? :)

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