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New German Features
Alexander Fehling, Ronald Zehrfeld, August Diehl, Wir wollten ans Meer
annablume80 wrote in kino_germanfilm

What's new in German cinema? Here's a (smallish) selection of upcoming German films, including features starring Moritz Bleibtreu, August Diehl, Alexander Fehling, Jessica Schwarz, Max Riemelt and Tom Schilling.


English Title: Shores of Hope
Release Date: 13 September 2012 (Germany)
Who's directing? Toke Constantin Hebbeln
Who's in it? August Diehl, Alexander Fehling and Ronald Zehrfeld
What's it about? In this vivid historical drama set in 1980s East Germany, two dockworkers and best friends who dream of escaping the repressive regime are forced to choose their loyalties when the state police promise them safe passage out of the country — if they inform on their co-workers and union leader. (Source)
What makes it promising? That cast! It's every German film fan's wet dream. Also, director Toke Constantin Hebbeln won a Student Oscar for his film "NimmerMeer" in 2007.



English Title: Forgotten
Release Date: 1 November 2012 (Germany)
Who's directing? Alex Schmidt
Who's in it? Mina Tander, Laura de Boer, Max Riemelt, Clemens Schick, Katharina Thalbach
What's it about? Two childhood friends, Hanna (Mina Tander) and Clarissa (Laura de Boer), meet again 25 years later. They decide to return together to an island where they had once spent their vacations. But they will be haunted by the ghosts of the past. (Source)
What makes it promising? The plot sounds intriguing and stills like the one above make it seem even more so.

More Info from the studio (in German).


Release Date:  6 September 2012 (Germany)

Who's directing? Marco Petry
Who's in it? Max Riemelt, Elyas M'Barek, Anna Fischer, Jessica Schwarz
What's it about? Best friends Tim and Can are working at a restaurant and spend the nights out looking for girls to hook up with. Tim meets Marie, whose sister is terminally ill.
What makes it promising? It sounds like a rather predictable romantic comedy, but a talented director and the very likeable cast might turn it into something more.

Official Site


English Title: Roots of Life
Release Date:  8 November 2012 (Germany)

Who's directing? Oskar Roehler
Who's in it? Moritz Bleibtreu, Meret Becker, Jürgen Vogel, Kostja Ullmann, Lavinia Wilson
What's it about? Germany 1949: Veteran soldier Erich feels like a stranger after his return to his homeland, which in the meantime has become a new Federal Republic. Through Erich and his children’s and grandchildren’s generations, we experience the milestones in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. (Source)
What makes it promising? The people involved.



English Title: Lore
Release Date:  1 November 2012 (Germany)

Who's directing? (Australian) Cate Shortland
Who's in it? Saskia Rosendahl, Kai-Peter Malina, Nele Trebs, André Frid, Mika Seidel
What's it about? Left to fend for herself when her SS officer father is captured by the victorious Allies at the end of World War II, a fourteen-year-old German girl must lead her four siblings on a gruelling trek across the war-ravaged countryside — and must put her trust in the very person she was taught to hate. (Source)
What makes it promising? Early buzz sounds good (it won the Audience Award in Locarno) and it actually sounds like a WWII story we really haven't seen yet.

Trailer (with English subtitles)


Release Date:  25 October 2012

Who's directing? Jan Ole Gerster
Who's in it? Tom Schilling, Marc Hosemann, Friederike Kempter
What's it about? Niki is in his late twenties and has just dropped out of college. He lives for the moment and drifts through the streets of Berlin. He enjoys watching people live their lives and does not realize that he is becoming more and more of an outsider. One day, everything changes. (Source)
What makes it promising? Films about drifters often appeal to me, also Tom Schilling is just so very watchable.



English Title: The German Friend
Spanish Title: El amigo alemán
Release Date:  4 October 2012 (Argentina)
                    1 November 2012 (Germany)

Who's directing? Jeanine Meerapfel
Who's in it? Max Riemelt, Celeste Cid, Benjamin Sadler
What's it about? Sulamit, the daughter of German-Jewish emigrants from Germany, grows up in Buenos Aires in the fifties. Between her and Friedrich, the German boy living next door whose parents escaped to Argentina after the war, a deep intimacy and kinship develops. (Source)
What makes it promising? It's a German-Argentine co-production by a director whose life somewhat resembles that of her heroine. Also, Max Riemelt!



English Title: Measuring the World
Release Date:  25 October 2012 (Germany)

Who's directing? Detlev Buck
Who's in it? Florian David Fitz, Albrecht Schuch, Vicky Krieps, Karl Markovics, David Kross
What's it about? Based on Daniel Kehlmann's novel, the film is a re-imagining of the lives of German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss and German geographer Alexander von Humboldt and their many groundbreaking ways of measuring the world, evolving from their meeting in 1828 on the occasion of the first German Scientific Congress in Berlin organized by Humboldt. (Source)
What makes it promising? The novel is amazing! Whether that will translate into an amazing film remains to be seen, cast and crew are promising though.

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