German Film Festival in San Francisco!
Ich arbeite!
The Berlin and Beyond Film Festival is taking place in San Francisco later this month! (September 27th to October 4th.)

An annual German film festival since 1996, and it's a good chance for Americans to see German, Swiss, and Austrian films that don't make it to the mainstream. It showcases some of the newest German language films as well as a few classic films, and I've seen many good, and a few great, films at this festival in the past. A must check out if you're in the area!

Check out some of the featured films:

Germany's Oscar entry is Christian Petzold's Barbara
Daniel Brühl, Julia Jentsch

Nine person jury chose the Berlinale film over other titles such as Shores of Hope and Guardians.

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Seems like a good choice to me, but I still haven't seen most of the other submitted films.

10 German actors under 30
Alexander Fehling, Ronald Zehrfeld, August Diehl, Wir wollten ans Meer

Here's a list of 10 promising German actors (all under 30).
Who's your favourite? Who did I forget?

(in alphabetical order)

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9 films in consideration for German Oscar entry
Alexander Fehling, Ronald Zehrfeld, August Diehl, Wir wollten ans Meer
Eight Nine films were submitted to German Films by German producers for consideration as the German entry for the 85th Oscar® competition in the category of „best foreign language film“:

  • ABSCHIED VON DEN FRÖSCHEN directed by Ulrike Schamoni
  • BARBARA directed by Christian Petzold
  • DIE VERLORENE ZEIT directed by Anna Justice
  • HANNAH ARENDT directed by Margarethe von Trotta
  • HOTEL LUX directed by Leander Haußmann 
  • KRIEGERIN directed by David Wnendt
  • SCHUTZENGEL directed by Til Schweiger
  • THIS AIN’T CALIFORNIA directed by Marten Persiel
  • WIR WOLLTEN AUFS MEER by Toke Constantin Hebbeln new

The screenings of the submitted films for the independent expert jury will be held in Berlin on 29th and 30th August, 2012. The title to be sent into the running for Germany will be announced on 30th August.


German Films has now changed their original press release. Not eight, but nine films have been submitted for consideration. The new entry is Toke Constantin Hebbeln's "Wir wollten aufs Meer" (I'd been wondering why it was missing).

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New German Features
Alexander Fehling, Ronald Zehrfeld, August Diehl, Wir wollten ans Meer

What's new in German cinema? Here's a (smallish) selection of upcoming German films, including features starring Moritz Bleibtreu, August Diehl, Alexander Fehling, Jessica Schwarz, Max Riemelt and Tom Schilling.
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Trailer for "Wir wollten aufs Meer"
Alexander Fehling, Ronald Zehrfeld, August Diehl, Wir wollten ans Meer
starring August Diehl, Alexander Fehling and Ronald Zehrfeld

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Measuring the World - First poster, full-length trailer and some photos
Florian David Fitz
Here's a first poster for Detlev Buck's adaptation of Daniel Kehlmann's brilliant novel
"Die Vermessung der Welt"/"Measuring the World":

For a larger version of the poster, full-length and teaser trailers as well as some photos (including a first look at David Kross in the film) click
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Daniel Brühl, Julia Jentsch

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